Harvesting your Pepper Plants

If you have followed along with this growing guide, then you should have a ton of peppers or tomatoes by now. When it comes to harvesting peppers there are typically three ways you can go about it.

Method 1

1. The first method is the most common, especially for a home gardener.  This is to leave all the peppers on the plant, and pick them as they ripen. This allows the plant to produce a medium amount of peppers over a medium amount of time.

2. The second method is to grow your plant just like the last time, except you will now really increase the P+K towards the end of the grow cycle. If done properly this will cause everything to ripen at about the same time. This gives you a large amount of peppers in a short amount of time.

Method 2

3. The third method is to stager the harvest. This is done by not letting the plant ever have full fruit set. This can be done by picking about half of the flowers, or continuously pick some of the immature peppers on the plant. This puts the plant in a constant state of flowering, setting fruit, growing fruit, and ripening fruit. This method gives a constant small amount over a very long time. This works great for plants grown indoors. You can continuously get fresh peppers year round.

The best way to get the peppers off the plant is with a clean pruning tool. We recommend cleaning the tool with bleach. If you rip the peppers and tomatoes off your plants then you could damage the plants, or even accidentally rip off an entire branch. If it is the end of the growing season and you are going to pull the plant, then this obviously does not matter.

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